Andree Singer Thompson

Marking the Millenium
May 2000
Collaboration with Susan Leibovitz Steinman

A colorful public art project featuring artwork by 90 Oakland
Public School Students

Rancho Peralta Totland Park, Oakland, CA

Just behind the Calvin Simmons Auditorium, is a renovated 38' long bench that is adorned with brightly colored ceramic tiles made by 90 Oakland Elementary students from ML King and Lincoln Elementary Schools.

Susan and Andrée worked with 5th graders, from Lincoln, and 3rd graders at MLKing, researching Oakland's past and fantasizing the future in drawings that were then transferred to glaze tiles. The innovative space-age playground equipment features soft ground padding made of recycled tires and benches made of recycled plastic.

The children's delightful and imaginative drawings provide a rich and playful complement.

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