Andree Singer Thompson

Making Waves: A Ripple Effect
Guillermo the Golden Trout
September 1997 - March 1998

Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California

This installation embodies Thompson's ongoing concern with healing and survival. The focus is the scarcity of drinkable water left on the planet. The main centerpiece was an immense 50 foot, 800 pound recycled metal Golden Trout. The artist chose this California State fish as a symbol of hope, since it had been classified as endangered until recent human attention and creative efforts succeeded in its healthy survival. A clear world globe dripped drinkable water in the center of the courtyard.

Students from the children's art classes were invited to do bright chalk drawings of endangered creatures in between the ground waves, which radiated outward from the centerpiece onto the roof, where metal waves surrounded the space.

The indoor gallery had two components, one of which was dedicated to the artist's work with the children of Richmond over 20 years. Student's paper "stained glass" images of endangered species covered sunlit gallery windows. The second component was dedicated to "wave" works from past collaborators and invited artists. One room was dedicated to an educational component on water, including the video Cadillac Desert and other works.

Guillermo remains on the wall of the Richmond Auditorium as a permanent installation.

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