Andree Singer Thompson

Andrée Singer Thompson is a long time Bay Area artist and teacher who has exhibited internationally and nationally. Much of her sculpture and interactive and educational site specific installations deal with individual and communal survival issues. She often collaborates with other artists on public art projects involving community participation. Her main focus since 2005 has been making art about and teaching environmental and social justice activist art.

Her ceramic works specialize in combining raku-fired metal and clay, and anagama wood-fired works. She lives in Berkeley, teaches at Laney College, and gives numerous workshops around the country. She developed and taught a summer Eco-Art Literacy program and is active in the eco-art movement as a member of board of directors of the Women Ecoartists Dialogue. She lives in a yellow house with purple steps and has chickens and compost in the garden.

A short Video of Survival Matters, a brief history of her work and wetwork performances is available online at Vimeo.

Andrée's drawings of endangered species and California natives are avialable through Calliope's Bucket, under Eco art.

She is available for workshops, lectures and exhibitions. Some of her art work is available for purchase. For more information, please contact Andrée directly at

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